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Best College Football Plays of 2014

Since we make shirts and prints of the best college football plays each year, we thought we would make a list of our top 5 college football finishes of the 2014-2015 season. 

Do you agree with our list? Let us know!


1. The Hail Mary

Jaelen Strong // Arizona State

USC's secondary could only stand in disbelief as ASU stole the win with the play being dubbed, "The Jael Mary."


2. The Bedlam Return

Tyreek Hill // Oklahoma State

In the 2014 edition of the Bedlam Series, the Cowboy Radio Network's Dave Hunziker calls Tyreek Hill's unforgettable punt return TD in the final minute of regulation to force overtime at #20 Oklahoma. The Cowboys would win the game, 38-35, to beat the Sooners and secure bowl eligibility.


3. The Hill Mary

Anu Solomon + Austin Hill // Arizona

Anu Solomon threw for a school-record 520 yards, none bigger than the 47 he collected on his final pass of the game as he found Austin Hill in the back of the end zone as time expired to cap a 22-point rally and stun California.


4. Abdullah Cadabra

Ameer Abdullah // Nebraska

Nebraska Cornhuskers Ameer Abdullah Touchdown Catch and Run for 58 yards to help seal the too-close-for-comfort game vs McNeese.

5. Bahama Laterals

Central Michigan vs Western Kentucky

CMU’s Titus Davis finished off the Hail Mary-plus-three-laterals touchdown, the 12th TD pass of the game.

But then it was over, because — feeling like they were playing with house money — CMU went for the two point conversion to win and failed. Can’t hate CMU coach Dan Enos for trying.