Prinstant Replays

About Us

Hunter Mize, Founder

Visions of Kevin Dyson streaking down the sideline, and Mike Keith so vividly letting fans know that there were "No. Flags. On. The. Field." led Hunter to create his first Prinstant Replay. The Nashville native has combined his love for sport, minimal design, and transit maps to create modern art that captures historic sports moments. 

As a Tennessee graduate, Populous (wanna-be) architect, San Francisco Giants World Series Champion, and startup marketing director - it only makes sense that he would create this business. Drop him a note here



Zack Becker, The Week Replay Editor

A rising senior and journalism student at Northwestern University and lover of sports. Trying not to let Tennessee's recent Outback Bowl smackdown of NU complicate things with his co-editor. As much as it pains him, he secretly loves Rocky Top.

Austin Pirkle
, The Weekend Replay Editor

A student at the University of Tennessee majoring in Sport Management and Journalism. Currently a contributor at and creator of