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Breaking down the Battle at Bristol Motor Speedway

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As some of you may know, we released the original image of Neyland inside of Bristol when the game was announced back in 2013. As the image spread, and we didn't watermark it, we got lost in the shuffle.

But, we're back! With an updated, more accurate version of the stadium comparison, plus a few other ways to compare the two stadiums. Here's to hoping the game is as exciting as the College Gameday Week 1 game... 

Bristol compared to Lambeau Field by Prinstant Replays

The original concept of Neyland inside of Bristol was created in 2013. The image below is more accurate because google maps now shows the outline of a football field inside the track at Thunder Valley. We placed the field exactly on these lines, to create a more precise comparison.

Bristol inside Neyland by Prinstant Replays

Bing maps has a great "Bird's eye view" feature, so why not compare the stadiums this way too? 

Neyland inside Bristol Bird's Eye View by Prinstant Replays

Why hasn't anyone compared Lane Stadium to Bristol? It seats 66,233, so about 2.5 Lane Stadiums = 1 Bristol Motor Speedway.

Lane Stadium in Bristol by Prinstant Replays


As you can tell, there will be some bad seats. We were curious to find the worst one.

Bristol compared to Neyland Worst Seats by Prinstant Replays

Can you imagine if the ball is on the OTHER 1 yard line and you are close to 255 yards (765 feet!) away? Hope you aren't sitting in that seat.


Lastly, we were curious as to how big the very hyped COLOSSUS scoreboard was at Bristol, and came away pretty underwhelmed. Neyland's big board comes just shy of doubling the width of one screen on the center console quad board at Bristol, and stands 6 feet taller. 

Comparing Colossus and Neyland Scoreboards by Prinstant Replays

A little bit more perspective... The Titans have a very large big board, bigger than Neyland, meaning it dwarfs Colossus. Sad to say, Colossus isn't as big as it's cracked up to be, though it is still impressive to hang something that large on cables in the middle of a race car track.

Colossus Scoreboard size by Prinstant Replays


Surely you've seen Jalen Hurd's famous 23.1 MPH treadmill run. What if he kept that pace for a full lap around Bristol Motor Speedway?

Jalen Hurd Bristol Motor Speedway by Prinstant Replays

Are you going to Bristol?

If so, share pictures with us from your seats so we can find out how good (or bad) your view is. 

Let us know if you would like to see other comparisons of Bristol below!