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The Replay • August 1

One Night, Three Walk-Offs

Saturday night was one for the dramatics. Three different players were the heroes for their respective teams. It’s a nice way to enter the dog days of August in the baseball season. Enjoy.

Comeback in the Octagon

This felt like a scene in an inspiring action movie. After getting completely dominated for the better part of the round, the fighter in the red shorts comes up with a knockout no one could see coming.

Robbery in the Stands

Normally, I’m not in favor of fans interfering with the game, but the cockiness of this guy after snagging a likely out should be applauded. On top of the great catch, he taunts the Rockies outfielder who complained and ultimately won the fan interference challenge.

Jason Day’s Long Putt

It wasn’t enough to win the PGA Championship, but Jason Day showed he’s the highest ranked player in the world. From across the entire green, Day drained this putt to tie the lead early in the day. He finished one stroke behind the first time major winner Jimmy Walker.

Summerhays Eagle

A lot of times when golfers hole out from the fairway there is a certain degree of luck that goes into it. Not this shot. Daniel Summerhays was so close from his ball landing in the hole. That, my friends, is pure skill.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

August 1

On this day 38 years ago, Pete Rose snapped his 44 game hitting streak. That stands as the 3rd longest in the history of the MLB.

August 4

Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player, 32, to hit 500 home runs on this day in 2007. That’s just one of his many highlights accumulated throughout the years.

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