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The Reply • Rio Olympics Opening!

A recap of the past week in sports, by Zack Becker

After years of waiting and training, over 11,000 athletes  — many first-time Olympians — will see their dreams come true as they participate in tonight’s Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. While play in some events has already kicked off,tonight marks the official commencement of the 2016 Summer Games. Olympics fans, (really, who isn't one?) strap in for two weeks of the finest international competition on Earth. This edition of the Summer Olympics features two new sports: Golf, making its first Olympics appearance since 1904, and rugby sevens, in its inaugural Olympiad. 

Minor Leaguers shine in the infield

Jacksonville (Marlins) third baseman Brian Anderson threw a runner out from his knees, Cubs minor league infielder Andrew Ely made a diving stop to start a game-saving double play, and the Twins’ Blake Schmit made an incredible diving catch in the AA All-Star Game. Maybe someday we’ll see these guys making great plays in the big leagues.

Astros rookie impressing early 

Alex Bregman got called up just over a week ago and is already dazzling us with plays like this one. Oh yeah, and third base isn't even his primary position.

Ravens kicker drills would-be record field goal
Justin Tucker nailed a 69-yard field goal in practice this week, a nice effort that would have smashed the NFL-record of 64 yards. The placekicker claimed that in perfect conditions (read: in Denver with wind), he could make an 84-yarder.

Russian hockey shootouts = Javelin?

I have no idea how you even think to do this, but that’s why I’m sitting on a computer writing and not in Russia playing hockey and bending the laws of physics.

Beach soccer bicycle kick

We live in a world where organized, televised beach soccer is a thing. And they do crazy bicycle kicks. Here’s one that comes complete with a Pokemon Go-themed celebration. Yeah. This is real life.

Under-the-table slice winner

Some people think they can go to their local rec center, pick up a ping pong paddle and pretend they're the best player in the world. Those people haven't seen this video


Looking ahead, looking back...

August 4

In 1993, Nolan Ryan (46 years old) plunked Robin Ventura (26). What happened next would forever link Ventura’s name to Ryan’s. Unless Ventura manages the White Sox to a World Series trophy or two, this will probably be what the baseball world best remembers him for. This is why they tell us to respect our elders.

August 5

Usain Bolt breaks his own Olympic record in the 100m sprint at the 2012 London Summer Olympics with a time of 9.63 seconds. No one in sports has a more fitting name than Bolt.

August 6

Seventeen years ago tomorrow, the late, great Tony Gwynn singled against the Expos to notch his 3000th career hit.

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