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The Weekend Replay • June 20

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Feels like '64 in Cleveland

LeBron James gives Cleveland their first major sports championship since 1964. Against the team with the best ever regular season record, the Cavaliers overcome a 3-1 series lead for the first time in the NBA Finals. The winning shot by Kyrie Irving with 53.1 seconds left will go down in history forever.

Dustin Johnson Finally Captures His First Major 

After a career of major tournament heartbreaks, the long bomber finally cashed in on his excellent ball striking in the US Open at Oakmont. But it wasn’t without drama. On this putt, the ball appears to move which would be a one stroke penalty if the rotation was caused by Johnson. The USGA oddly waited until the end of the round to decide if the penalty stroke would be assessed. However, it didn’t matter as Johnson won by three strokes.


Chile Scores 7, Yes 7, Against Mexico

A Quarterfinal that was supposed to be one of the best games in Copa America went horribly wrong for Mexico in front of their fans in Levi Stadium. Chile routed a team that hadn't lost in almost a full calendar year. It was certainly a day to forget for Mexican soccer.


Venezuela’s Luis Seijas Embarrasses Himself

When you get a chance to cut the lead in half on a penalty kick, here’s what you don’t do. Trailing 2-0 against the highest ranked team in the world, Luis Seijas tried to get fancy with the chip shot from the penalty spot. It didn’t go well.


John Daly doing John Daly Things

The flamboyant former Major champion never turns down a good time. This trick shot with a buddy over the weekend by Daly will surprise no one. I’m sure no alcoholic beverages were consumed during the making of this video.  


Cristiano Ronaldo Can’t Catch a Break 

Ronaldo has 20 SHOTS to his name through two games at the Euros. Goal count? Zero. An unprecedented string of bad luck was capped off with a penalty shot right off the post. Maybe karma is finally catching up to his unmatched cockiness.


Looking Ahead, Looking Back

June 21 

Unlike the Golden State Warriors last night, the Los Angeles Lakers repeated as champions after beating the Detroit Pistons 108-105 in Game 7 on this day 28 years ago.

June 23

In a surprising stat, Barry Bonds stole his 500th base on this day in 2003 to become the only player in the history of the game to record 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases.

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