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You can't miss these Plays of the Week

// College Football

Hail & Lateral for the Win

The referees shouldn’t have allowed the play to happen, but we are very glad they did. Central Michigan capped a huge upset with one of the craziest plays you will ever see. The QB launches the ball as far as he could but it only reached the 10-yard line. What happened next is almost impossible to believe.

We've already designed this wild play, see it here

Arkansas QB Gutsy Game Winning Run 

Austin Allen decided to take the game into his own hands. He finished the overtime thriller with a QB run and a broken tackle to reach the end zone for the Arkansas upset over TCU. He may not be the most mobile quarterback, but his effort got the job done here.

Hold On to the Ball! 

This might be the most bizarre recurring theme in football. The urge to drop the ball and start celebrating a TD before actually getting into the end zone. Clemson has started out of the gates really slow, and this highlight pretty much sums it up.

// NFL

Two Point Conversion Winner 

This usually happens when you’re playing a buddy in Madden, but the Raiders made it a reality on Sunday. After being down seven, Oakland scored a TD and decided to try and win the game right there.The gamble paid off.

Alex Smith Completes the Comeback 

Only one QB run for the win just wasn’t enough for us. From college to the NFL, Alex Smith surprised the Chargers with the option on the goal line in OT. That was the end of an incredible 21-point comeback for the Chiefs.

A nice first impression 

If you got to plan out your NFL debut, Andy Janovich probably wouldn’t have scripted it any different. The Denver rookie fullback received his first carry and definitely made the most of it. A few days later, the Raiders’ Jalen Richard gave us déjà vu from 75 yards out.

// Looking Back, Looking Ahead

September 5

Peyton Manning started the 2013 season like anyone would like to: with one of the best passing days of all time. Then, he followed that Week 1 TD barrage up with a season full of them to finish with an NFL-record 55 touchdown passes. It’s never too early to remember a legend.

September 12 

On this day one year ago, David Ortiz notched his 500th homer of his career. Be sure to shop that iconic print for the retiring legend here.

September 14 

The Blue Jays exploded for an MLB record 10 home runs on this date 29 years ago. I’m no expert, but that seems like a pretty good day at the office for the offense.

September 17 

Colorado plays at Michigan this coming Saturday. This gave us flashbacks of Kordell Stewart taking the buffs into The Big House and sneaking out with a W. It was so good that we made a print of it. See it here

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